Biosolve offers various acrylamide formulations, including stable ready-mix solutions for sequencing gels. Formulations of acrylamide containing Piperazine type linkers, displaying very low backgrounds, are also available.


10 products for Acrylamide formulations

013123 C3H5NO Acrylamide 4X, 40% Molecular biology
014523 Acrylamide/1,4-Bis(acryloyl)piperazine 37.5:1, 30% Molecular biology
013823 Acrylamide/Bis-Acrylamide 29:1, 40% Molecular biology
015223 Acrylamide/Bis-Acrylamide 37.5:1, 30% Molecular biology
133223 C7H10N2O2 N,N'-Methylenebisacrylamide Molecular biology
014123 C7H10N2O2 N,N'-Methylenebisacrylamide 2% Molecular biology
201023 C6H16N2 TEMED Molecular biology
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