Biosolve offers high purity (>98%) and high coupling yield (>99%) standard phosphoramidites conditioned in ABI-compatible vials or Expedite-compatible vials for use in automated DNA/RNA synthesiser. All phosphoramidites are purified to meet the most stringent specifications: minor impurities, known to affect the yield of DNA & RNA synthesis, are eliminated through chemical and physical treatments.


6 products for Standard Phosphoramidites

161024 C47H52N7O7P 5'-O-DMT-2'-dA(Bz)-CE Phosphoramidite DNA synthesis
153024 C41H50N5O8P 5'-O-DMT-2'-dC(Ac)-CE Phosphoramidite DNA synthesis
161124 C46H52N5O8P 5'-O-DMT-2'-dC(Bz)-CE Phosphoramidite DNA synthesis
152924 C43H53N8O7P 5'-O-DMT-2'-dG(Dmf)-CE Phosphoramidite DNA synthesis
161224 C44H54N7O8P 5'-O-DMT-2'-dG(iBu)-CE Phosphoramidite DNA synthesis
161324 C40H49N4O8P 5'-O-DMT-2'-dT-CE Phosphoramidite DNA synthesis
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