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It has been our task throughout the years to shape the specifications of selected solvents or formulations to the customer’s particular use. Biosolve distributes selected high purity solvents and chemicals for research, routine laboratories and industries.

We offer a wide range of chemical products to the expanding local market. An increasing share of its manufacture is exported world-wide.

Products and Specialities

Biosolve serves the traditional chemical field with the following grades of chemicals and solvents:

  • Chemically pure (CP)

  • Analytical reagent (AR)

  • Pharmaceutical grades of chemicals

  • Solvents

We also developed specialty lines, such as:

  • Solvents & Formulations for HPLC & UHPLC / Mass Spectrometry / SFC, Gas Chromatography and Spectrograde
  • Solvents for Environmental Analysis: LV-GC (For ultimate Trace Organic Analysis), PAH (For detection of Polyaromatic hydrocarbons), Dioxins & PCB’s (Analyzed for the detection of ultra-low level of dioxin and C2 to C10 PCB analysis) and Pesti-S (Our classical solvent for analysis of pesticides, residue, ECD and NPD analyzed for the evaluation of pesticide residues)
  • Extra-dry and Supra-Dry: Solvents and formulations for critical chemical synthesis
  • Peptide synthesis: Solvents, reagents and formulations. Amino acids derivatives
  • DNA  and RNA synthesis: Phosphoramidites, Ancillary Reagents, Solvents, reagents and formulations
  • Molecular Biology: Phenol solutions, Acrylamide formulations, Buffer solutions, Standard reagents and solvents and now new transfection reagents and dyes.
  • Custom Synthesis  and functionalized derivatives
  • Fully Synthetic Lipids: Sphingosines, Ceramides and our Biomolecule Synthesis Service
  • Headspace solvents: High boiling solvents, specifically developed, for the analysis of OVI.
  • Hydroquant for KF analysis: Reagents for quantifying water in the Karl Fischer volumetric and coulometric methods
  • Deuterated Solvents for NMR

Quality & service

We are constantly striving to improve the quality and the service for the products we manufacture and distribute. New items are continuously added to meet the needs of a growing and diversifying market.

Packaging ensures the safe delivery and use of the products we deliver. The wide spectrum of our customers activity is reflected by the diversity of packaging we offer. From the 1 ml volume vial, to the 20.000 liter stainless steel iso container, we offer a packaging combination adapted to the very nature and grade of the chemical delivered and the customers needs.

Packages offered are made of:

  • Polyethylene high density (HDPE)
  • Amber glass
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • UN approved containers and over-packings are available for dangerous goods and long distance transportation.

Quick attachment to dip-pipe delivery systems are offered upon request for: Jars, Jerry cans, Drums & Tanks

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