Biosolve Chemicals: solvent in pure form

Optimised logistics in a booming industrial environment. Biosolve Chimie’s core business is based on more than 30 years’ experience in producing and distributing high purity solvents, formulations and reagents for research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and food-processing industries.

Buildings on the Moselle site cover 4,500 m2, totally renovated to meet the latest environmental, quality and safety standards. The installations are ISO 9001 certified and fully fitted with the most modern equipment, integrating prevention of major accidents and establishing risk management measures throughout the company’s activities.

100% French production and globally-recognised quality.

Reagents and solvents, standard or to-order, the same pledge of purity.

From distillation to bottling, Biosolve Chimie manages all manufacturing steps.

REACH regulation at Biosolve Chimie (Download pdf)

An international industrial environment open to Europe.

Production potential unrivalled in Europe.

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