For synthesis of RNA to be used in RNA interference (RNAi) experiments, Biosolve proposes RNA phosphoramidites (2’-OTBDMS Protected Amidites) packed in ABI or Expedite compatible vials. With TBDMS protective group, these RNA phosphoramidites are compatible with deprotection methods based on methylamine or AMA and yield to high incorporation rates. 


4 products for RNA Phosphoramidites

182124 C53H66N7O8PSi A(Bz)-OTBDMS-CE Phosphoramidite DNA synthesis
182224 C47H64N5O9PSi C(Ac)-OTBDMS-CE Phosphoramidite DNA synthesis
182324 C50H68N7O10PSi G(iBu)-OTBDMS-CE Phosphoramidite DNA synthesis
182424 C45H61N4O9PSi U-OTBDMS-CE Phosphoramidite DNA synthesis
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