Our best grades available in bulk

  • Tailor-made specifications
  • Ph.Eur. and USP grades for syntheses
  • Extra-Dry solvents for critical and DNA syntheses
  • Environmental solvents line (Pesti-S, LV-GC)


  • UN homologated packagings
  • 2 production’s sites: France and Israël
  • 2 warehouses in Europe: France and Nederland
5L 200L

Large choice of packaging sizes and types

Non Returnable Packagings
25L and 200L Plastic and Steel drums
1000L Plastic GRV
Returnable Stainless Steel Packaging
From 5L up to 20 000L

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Biosolve Experiences

  • Biosolve, a daughter company of Bio-Lab, 40 years of expertise in solvents purification
  • New site of production located in Dieuze
  • Our production sites are certified ISO 9001:2008
  • Full QA support (certificates of Origin, Metal contents, BSE/TSE free…)
  • Change control agreement


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