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Specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of high purity solvents and chemicals, Biosolve supplies hospital analytical laboratories, universities, research institutes, environmental analytical laboratories and associated industries.

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Biosolve proposes more than 1.100 molecules available in different grades depending on their use.

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CAS, EC, US, COA, name, reference… Use any of this information to find your molecule.

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    We propose more than 1.100 different molecules

    CAS number, EC number, US number, COA number, product name, reference… use any of theses information to find the molecule you need.

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    A complete line of chemicals and solvents

    Analyticals, environnement analysis, bulk & semi bulk, molecular biology… Biosolve has developed high quality products with specifications that depend on their uses.

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  • Biosolve, The Experts in chemicals

    More than 30 years of experience

    Biosolve has a long standing experience in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality solvents and chemicals for research laboratories and for industries: pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical or agrifood.

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