Carbodiimides, uronium salts, aminium salts, phosphonium salts, coupling reagents… Biosolve proposes high quality reagents for peptide synthesis, either manual or automated. These reagents are available for both research and large-scale peptide synthesis.

30 products for Peptide Synthesis Agents

  • 455333HATU Peptide synthesis

    HATU (O-(7-Azabenzotriazol-1-yl)-N,N,N,N-tetramethyluronium hexafluorophosphate) is a peptide coupling reagent for solid and solution phase peptide synthesis. HATU is effective at coupling N-alkyl amines on resins bearing secondary...
  • 080133HBTU Peptide synthesis

    Peptide synthesis grade HBTU (O-(Benzotriazol-1-yl)-N,N,N!,N!-tetramethyluronium hexafluorophosphate). HBTU is an activation reagents used in peptide synthesis, both for solid phase and solution phase.
  • 081033HCTU Peptide synthesis

    HCTU (O-(6-Chlorobenzotriazol-1-yl)-N,N,N!,N!-tetramethyluronium hexafluorophosphate) is a peptide coupling reagent for solid and solution phase peptide synthesis. HCTU is an aminium-based coupling reagent, analogous to HBTU.
  • 081233HOBT Hydrate Peptide synthesis

    1-Hydroxybenzotriazole hydrate - HOBT hydrate - for peptide synthesis . HOBT hydrate produces activated esters that ensures the condensation of the amino group of protected amino acids.
  • 308433PyBOP® Peptide synthesis

    PyBOP ((Benzotriazol-1-yloxy)tripyrrolidinophosphonium hexafluorophosphate) for peptide synthesis . PyBOP is a peptide coupling agent, used as a substitute for BOP, avoiding the formation of HMPA that is carcinogenic.
090705 C5H10N2O 1,3-Dimethyl-2-Imidazolidinone AR
045224 C5H2N4 4,5-Dicyanoimidazole DNA synthesis
044633 C7H10N2 4-(Dimethylamino)pyridine Peptide synthesis
308533 C6H4ClN3O 6-Cl-HOBT 15% in NMP Peptide synthesis
024733 C12H22N6OPPF6 BOP Peptide synthesis
300933 C11H14N3O5P DEPBT Peptide synthesis
043433 C10H18O5 DIBOC Peptide synthesis
309433 C8H17N3*HCl EDAC HCl Peptide synthesis
080233 C11H16F6N5OP HBTU 0.1M in HOBT/DMF 0.45M, 3-part kit Peptide synthesis
080033 C11H16F6N5OP HBTU 0.1M in HOBT/DMF 0.5M, 2-part kit Peptide synthesis
308633 C12H16N5O2*PF6 HDBTU Peptide synthesis
081633 C6H5N3O HOBT 1.0M in NMP Peptide synthesis
087499 C6H5N3O HOBT 20% in DMF General Reagent
087599 C6H5N3O HOBT 20% in NMP General Reagent
081133 C6H5N3O HOBT anhydrous Peptide synthesis
275533 C9H9NO3 HONB Peptide synthesis
308233 C7H5N3O2 HOOBt Peptide synthesis
274033 C12H18N6O3*2HCl L-Arginine-p-Nitroanilide dihydrochloride Peptide synthesis
036033 C7H6N4O N,N'-Carbonyldiimidazole (CDI) Peptide synthesis
040733 C13H22N2 N,N'-Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide Peptide synthesis
049033 C9H8N2O7 N,N'-Disuccinimidyl carbonate Peptide synthesis
135733 C6H11NO N-Ethyl-2-Pyrrolidone Peptide synthesis
308133 C4H5NO3 N-Hydroxysuccinimide (HOSu) Peptide synthesis
201133 C11H16BF4N5O TBTU Peptide synthesis
209933 C9H16BF4N3O3 TSTU Peptide synthesis
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