All AR-S solvents from Biosolve are highly purified glass distilled chemicals. The glass distillation allows these products to largely exceeding ACS specifications, especially for metal traces.

17 products for AR-S

022951 C4H10O 2-Butanol AR-S
010751 C2H4O2 Acetic acid glacial AR-S
137951 CH2Cl2 Dichloromethane (stab. Amylene) AR-S
044051 C6H14O Diisopropyl ether (stab./BHT) AR-S
054051 C4H8O2 Ethyl acetate AR-S
020951 C4H10O Iso-Butanol AR-S
091451 C6H14 Iso-Hexane AR-S
171551 Petroleum ether 40-60°C AR-S
171851 Petroleum ether 60-80°C AR-S
162551 C5H5N Pyridine AR-S
022051 C4H10O n-Butanol AR-S
080551 C7H16 n-Heptane AR-S
080751 C7H16 n-Heptane 99% AR-S
080951 C6H14 n-Hexane 99% AR-S
160551 C5H12 n-Pentane AR-S
167651 C5H12 n-Pentane 99% AR-S
138951 C5H12O tert-Butyl methyl ether AR-S
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