Life sciences

Life sciences

Biosolve proposes a comprehensive line of high quality chemicals and reagents for Life Sciences. Phenol solutions, acrylamide, buffers, fluorescent dyes, etc. please select bellow the product line you are looking for.

Biosolve produces and distributes high purity fine organic chemicals from gram to multi kilo scale. Biosolve has developed unique and proprietary pathways to demanded molecules required for R&D or industrial production.

Biosolve takes advantage of its highly trained team of chemists which includes Ph.D’s, chemical engineers and technicians and has access to most of the analytical techniques to ensure the purity and identity of the molecules produced. Multistep syntheses follow established manufacturing master files (MMF) enabling batch reproducibility and easy scaling-up when needed.

Having produced and marketed such chemicals for over 30 years,  we are well acquainted with the shipping procedures  and cumbersome regulatory paperwork accompanying such activity.

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