n-Butanol LV-GC SuperTrace

Main Properties

b.p117.6 °C
m.p-89 °C

Product Specification

AppearanceClear colorless liquid
PAH test (<2ppb by HPLC)Passes test
Residue after evaporationmax. 0.0005%w/w
Water (KF)max. 0.03%w/w
GC/ECD Dioxins, Furans & PCB'smax. 5pg/ml
GC/ECD any Pesticide (as Lindane)max. 5pg/ml
GC/NPD any Pesticide (as Parathion)max. 10pg/ml
Any hydrocarbon between C10 to C40max. 0.1mg/L
GC/ECD volatile impu. (as E. Dibromide)max. 5ng/ml
T210nmmin. 20%

Cat. n° 022084

Synonym : 1-Butanol, 1-Butyl alcohol
Formula : C4H10O
CAS : 71-36-3
EC : 200-751-6
UN : 1120

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