Trifluoroacetic acid Peptide synthesis

High purity trifluoroacetic acid for peptide synthesis. Available for both research and large-scale peptide synthesis.

Main Properties

b.p72 °C
m.p-15 °C

Product Specification

AppearanceClear colorless liquid
Residue after evaporationmax. 0.002%w/w
Assay (T)99.9-100.5%w/w
Assay (GC, on anhydrous basis)min. 99.5%
A260nmmax. 1AU
A300nmmax. 0.03AU
Identity (IR)Conform to structure
Identity (GC)RT corresponds to standard
Density (20°C)1.475-1.500gr/ml
Water (KF)max. 0.02%w/w
Chloride (Cl)max. 0.001%
Fluoride (F)max. 0.005%
Sulfate (SO4)max. 0.001%

Cat. n° 202333

Synonym : TFA
Formula : C2HF3O2
CAS : 76-05-1
EC : 200-929-3
UN : 2699

Standard pack

202333016 x 1LGlass Bottle 45 (1L)
202333024 x 2.5lGlass Bottle 45 (2.5l)
202333206 x 450ml16oz/28 (450ml)
202333216 x 1lGlass Bottle 28 (1l)
2023332K1 x 250kgDrum (250kg)
202333326 x 250mlGlass Bottle 32 (250ml)
202333336 x 200ml8oz/24 (200ml)
202333354 x 500mlGlass Bottle (500ml)
202333726 x 1lSafe Grade Bottlr (1l)
202333P21 x 25lStainless Steel Drum (25l)

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