Standard quality solvents for gradient HPLC for higher analytical demand. Biosolve’s HPLC-S solvents have a purity over 99.95% and a UV transmittance at 200nm over 95%.

7 products for HPLC - S (gradient grade)

012007 C2H3N Acetonitrile HPLC-S
030807 CHCl3 Chloroform (stab./Amylene) HPLC-S
034807 CHCl3 Chloroform (stab./Ethanol) HPLC-S
202207 C4H8O Tetrahydrofuran (unstabilized) HPLC-S
020407 C6H12O2 n-Butyl acetate HPLC-S
080707 C7H16 n-Heptane 99% HPLC-S
082907 C6H14 n-Hexane HPLC-S
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