NucleoSyn, leading supplier of innovative DNA & RNA related products and synthetic lipids, launches new product line & services dedicated to support your bioanalytical, Omics and ADME/DMPK projects: Stable Isotope Labeled (SIL) Compounds. 

Stable Isotope Labeled Compounds used as:

Tracers in metabolism and omic studies using mass spectrometry or NMR spectroscopy.

Internal standards in quantitative bioanalysis by LC / MS.

Tools to enhance PK of drugs, drug candidates (Deuterium medicinal chemistry).

Tracers for assessing absolute bioavailibility of drug candidate.


Either with 2H, 15N or 13or a combination of them,

Incorporation of isotopic labels at specific positions of the compound, including site selective and multiple site selective schemes.

For stable isotope dilution assays, preferred labeled isotopes : 15N13C (Golden Standard) over 2H lab in order to ensure optimum co-elution with the unlabeled analytes and optimum isotopic purity.

Custom 2H, 13C, 15building blocks and reagents synthesis.

Experience of labeling a wide range of chemotypes: heterocycle, natural product, amino acid & peptides.

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