Ethyl acetate ULC/MS - CC/SFC

Main Properties

b.p75-77.5 °C
m.p-83.5 °C

Product Specification

AppearanceClear colorless liquid
Acidity (as Acetic acid)max. 0.002%
Alkalinity (as Ammonia)max. 0.0005%
Color (APHA, Pt-Co)max. 10
Assay (GC, on anhydrous basis)min. 99.9%
Residue after evaporationmax. 0.0003%w/w
Water (KF)max. 0.02%w/w
F254nm (as Quinine)max. 2.0ppb
F365nm (as Quinine)max. 1.0ppb
UHPLC/MS/ESI+ (as Reserpine)max. 30ppb
T255nmmin. 25%
T260nmmin. 80%
T>275nmmin. 98%
A255nmmax. 0.60AU
A260nmmax. 0.10AU
A275nmmax. 0.01AU
Ag (Silver)max. 50ppb
Al (Aluminum)max. 20ppb
Ba (Barium)max. 50ppb
Bi (Bismuth)max. 50ppb
Ca (Calcium)max. 50ppb
Cd (Cadmium)max. 50ppb
Co (Cobalt)max. 20ppb
Cr (Chromium)max. 20ppb
Fe (Iron)max. 20ppb
K (Potassium)max. 50ppb
Mg (Magnesium)max. 20ppb
Mn (Manganese)max. 20ppb
Mo (Molybdenum)max. 50ppb
Na (Sodium)max. 50ppb
Ni (Nickel)max. 20ppb
Pb (lead)max. 20ppb
Sn (Tin)max. 50ppb
Sr (Strontium)max. 50ppb
Zn (Zinc)max. 50ppb

Cat. n° 054041

Formula : C4H8O2
CAS : 141-78-6
EC : 205-500-4
UN : 1173

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