Hydrogen peroxide 30% VLSI

Main Properties

b.p107 °C
m.p-26 °C

Product Specification

Color (APHA, Pt-Co)max. 5
TOCmax. 20ppm
Chloride (Cl)max. 0.030ppm
Phosphate (PO4)max. 0.100ppm
Sulfate (SO4)max. 0.100ppm
Aciditymax. 0.6meq/gr
Ag (Silver)max. 1ppb
Al (Aluminum)max. 1ppb
As (Arsenic)max. 1ppb
Au (Gold)max. 1ppb
B (Boron)max. 1ppb
Ba (Barium)max. 1ppb
Be (Beryllium)max. 1ppb
Bi (Bismuth)max. 1ppb
Ca (Calcium)max. 1ppb
Cd (Cadmium)max. 1ppb
Co (Cobalt)max. 1ppb
Cr (Chromium)max. 1ppb
Cu (Copper)max. 1ppb
Fe (Iron)max. 1ppb
Ga (Gallium)max. 1ppb
Ge (Germanium)max. 1ppb
K (Potassium)max. 1ppb
Li (Lithium)max. 1ppb
Mg (Magnesium)max. 1ppb
Mn (Manganese)max. 1ppb
Mo (Molybdenum)max. 1ppb
Na (Sodium)max. 1ppb
Nb (Niobium)max. 1ppb
Ni (Nickel)max. 1ppb
Pb (lead)max. 1ppb
Sb (Antimony)max. 1ppb
Sn (Tin)max. 1ppb
Sr (Strontium)max. 1ppb
Ta (Tantalum)max. 1ppb
Ti (Titanium)max. 1ppb
Tl (Thallium)max. 1ppb
V (Vanadium)max. 1ppb
Zn (Zinc)max. 1ppb
Zr (Zirconium)max. 1ppb
Particle count > 0.5ummax. 150P/ml
Particle count > 1.0ummax. 25P/ml

Cat. n° 085576

Formula : H2O2
CAS : 7722-84-1
EC : 231-765-0
UN : 2014

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