Hydrogen peroxide 30% MOS

Main Properties

b.p107 °C
m.p-26 °C

Product Specification

Assay 30.5±0.5%
Residue after evaporation max. 5ppm
Color (APHA) max. 10
Nitrate max. 5ppm
Sulfate max. 2ppm
Phosphate max. 1ppm
Chloride max. 1ppm
Aluminum (Al) max. 50ppb
Antimony (Sb) max. 20ppb
Arsenic (As) max. 10ppb
Barium (Ba) max. 20ppb
Béryllium (Be) max. 10ppb
Bismuth (Bi) max. 20ppb
Boron (B) max. 50ppb
Cadmium (Cd) max. 20ppb
Calcium (Ca) max. 100ppb
Chromium (Cr) max. 20ppb
Cobalt (Co) max. 20ppb
Copper (Cu) max. 20ppb
Gallium (Ga) max. 20ppb
Gold (Au) max. 50ppb
Iran (Fe) max. 50ppb
Lead (Pb) max. 20ppb
Lithium (Li) max. 20ppb
Magnesium (Mg) max. 50ppb
Manganese (Mn) max. 10ppb
Molybdenum (Mo) max. 20ppb
Nickel (Ni) max. 50ppb
Potassium (K) max. 50ppb
Silver (Ag) max. 20ppb
Sodium (Na) max. 100ppb
Strontium (Sr) max. 20ppb
Tin (Sn) max. 50ppb
Titanium (Ti) max. 20ppb
Vanadium (V) max. 20ppb
Zinc (Zn) max. 50ppb
Particle count < 0.5µm max. 1000P/ml

Cat. n° 085510

Formula : H2O2
CAS : 7722-84-1
EC : 231-765-0
UN : 2014

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