Sodium bicarbonate Meets ACS/EP/BP/USP spec.

Product Specification

AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Assay (T)99.0-101.5%w/w
Identification APasses EP/BP test
Identification BPasses EP/BP test
Identification CPasses EP/BP test
Limit of AmmoniaPasses USP test
Organic volatile impuritiesMeets the requirements
Loss on dryingmax. 0.25%
Appearance of SolutionClear colorless solution
Carbonates (pH 5% in water)7-8.6
Solubility in alcoholPractically insoluble
Ca (Calcium)max. 0.01%
Cl (Chloride)max. 0.015%
SO4 (Sulfate)max. 0.015%
Limit of sulfur compondsmax. 0.015%
Fe (Iron)max. 0.002%
As (Arsenic)max. 0.0002%
NH4 (Ammonium)max. 0.002%
Heavy metals (as Pb)max. 0.0005%

Cat. n° 192964

Synonym : Sodium hydrogen carbonate
Formula : NaHCO3
CAS : 144-55-8
EC : 205-633-8

Standard pack

192964916 x 1kgHDPE (1kg)
192964951 x 25kgDrum (25kg)

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