Ethanol 96% Meets ACS/EP/BP/USP spec.

Please note that Ethanol is subjected to reglementary restrictions. For further information, please contact us.

Main Properties


Product Specification

Identification APasses USP test
Identification BPasses USP test
Identification APasses EP/BP test
Identification BPasses EP/BP test
Identification CPasses EP/BP test
Identification DPasses EP/BP test
AppearanceClear colorless liquid
Color (APHA, Pt-Co)max. 10
Purity (GC, on anhydrous basis)min. 99.95%
Acidity or AlkalinityPasses EP/BP/USP tests
Acidity (as Acetic acid)max. 0.003%
Relative density (d20/20°C)0.805-0.812
Specific gravity (15.6°C)0.812-0.816
Volatile impuritiesMeets the requirements
Acetal and Acetaldehydemax. 0.001%v/v
Benzenemax. 0.0002%v/v
Methanolmax. 0.01%v/v
Acetone & 2-PropanolPasses ACS/USP tests
Sum of other impuritiesmax. 0.03%v/v
A240nmmax. 0.08AU
A250nmmax. 0.06AU
A260nmmax. 0.06AU
A270-340nmmax. 0.02AU
Absorbance curveSmooth curve
Clarity and color of sol.Passes USP test
Solubility (5% in Water)Complete, clear
Identity (IR)Passes test (neat)
Cr (Chromium)max. 0.1ppm
Cu (Copper)max. 0.1ppm
Fe (Iron)max. 0.1ppm
Ir (Iridium)max. 0.1ppm
Mn (Manganese)max. 0.1ppm
Mo (Molybdenum)max. 0.1ppm
Ni (Nickel)max. 0.1ppm
Os (Osmium)max. 0.1ppm
Pd (Palladium)max. 0.1ppm
Pt (Platinum)max. 0.1ppm
Rh (Rhodium)max. 0.1ppm
Ru (Ruthenium)max. 0.1ppm
V (Vanadium)max. 0.1ppm
Zn (Zinc)max. 0.1ppm
Residue after evaporationmax. 0.002%w/w

Cat. n° 052164

Synonym : Ethyl alcohol
Formula : C2H6O
CAS : 64-17-5
EC : 200-578-6
UN : 1170

Standard pack

052164054 x 5lHDPE Jerrycan (5l)
052164236 x 1lHDPE Bottle (1l)
052164311 x 100mlGlass Bottle (100ml)
052164651 x 25lHDPE Drum (25l)
052164771 x 200lHDPE Drum / Metal Drum (200l)

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