Water Meets EP/BP spec.

Meets EP/BP specifications for Purified Water.

Asepticaly filled.

Main Properties

M 18.01
D 1.00
b.p 100 °C
m.p 0 °C

Product Specification

AppearanceClear colorless liquid
Acidity or AlkalinityPasses EP/BP test
Ammonium (NH4)max. 0.00002%
Calcium & MagnesiumPasses EP/BP test
Chloride (Cl)Passes EP/BP test
Heavy metals (as Pb)max. 0.00001%
Nitrate (NO3)max. 0.00002%
Sulfate (SO4)Passes EP/BP test
Conductivity (on production)max. 4.3uS/cm
Residue after evaporationmax. 0.001%w/w
TOCmax. 500ppb
Oxidisable substancesPasses EP/BP test
TAMC (on production)max. 100CFU/ml
Endotoxin activitymax. 0.25EU/ml
Cr (Chromium)max. 0.1ppm
Cu (Copper)max. 0.1ppm
Fe (Iron)max. 0.1ppm
Ir (Iridium)max. 0.1ppm
Mn (Manganese)max. 0.1ppm
Mo (Molybdenum)max. 0.1ppm
Ni (Nickel)max. 0.1ppm
Os (Osmium)max. 0.1ppm
Pd (Palladium)max. 0.1ppm
Pt (Platinum)max. 0.1ppm
Rh (Rhodium)max. 0.1ppm
Ru (Ruthenium)max. 0.1ppm
V (Vanadium)max. 0.1ppm
Zn (Zinc)max. 0.1ppm

Cat. n° 232103

Formula : H2O
CAS : 7732-18-5
EC : 231-791-2

Standard pack

232103054 x 5lHDPE Jerrycan (5l)
232103236 x 1lHDPE Bottle (1l)
232103651 x 25lHDPE Drum (25l)

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