TWEEN® 20 Molecular biology

Tween® 20 is a non-ionic surfactant used in “blocking” solutions, solubilization of membrane proteins and electrophoresis. Tween® 20 is effectively suppresses unspecific reactions between antibodies, antigens and other molecules.

Main Properties

b.p100 °C

Product Specification

AppearancePale yellow viscous liquid
Density (20°C)1.09-1.12gr/ml
Heavy metals (as Pb)max. 0.001%
Water (KF)max. 3%w/w
Hydroxyl value96-108mgKOH/gr
Saponification value40-50mgKOH/gr
Acid valuemax. 2.0mgKOH/gr
pH (5% in water)5.0-7.0
Residue after ignitionmax. 0.25%
DNase activityNot detected
RNase activityNot detected
Protease activityNot detected

Cat. n° 204523

Synonym : Polyethylene glycol sorbitan monolaurate, Polyoxyethylenesorbitan monolaurate
Formula : C58H114O26
CAS : 9005-64-5

Standard pack

204523016 x 1LGlass Bottle 45 (1L)
204523354 x 500mlGlass Bottle (500ml)

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