Triethylamine ULC/MS - CC/SFC

Main Properties

b.p90 °C
m.p-115 °C

Product Specification

AppearanceClear colorless liquid
Assay (GC, on anhydrous basis)min. 99.8%
T250nm (0.1M)min. 40%
T260nm (0.1M)min. 87%
T270nm (0.1M)min. 96%
T280nm (0.1M)min. 98%
Grad. elution H.Peak at 254nmmax. 0.005AU
Water (KF)max. 0.05%w/w
UHPLC/MS/ESI+ (as Reserpine)max. 25ppb
Al (Aluminum)max. 0.2ppm
Ca (Calcium)max. 0.5ppm
Fe (Iron)max. 0.1ppm
K (Potassium)max. 0.5ppm
Mg (Magnesium)max. 0.1ppm
Na (Sodium)max. 0.5ppm
Residue after evaporationmax. 0.005%w/w

Cat. n° 204141

Synonym : N,N-Diethylethanamine, TEA
Formula : C6H15N
CAS : 121-44-8
EC : 204-469-4
UN : 1296

Standard pack

204141311 x 100mlGlass Bottle (100ml)

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