5'-O-DMT-2'-dA(Bz)-CE Phosphoramidite DNA synthesis

Product Specification

AppearanceWhite to off white powder
Assay (HPLC)min. 98%
Watermax. 0.4%
Solubility (0.1M in ACN)Complete, clear

Cat. n° 161024

Formula : C47H52N7O7P
CAS : 98796-53-3

Standard pack

161024E11 x 250mgExpedite Vial (250mg)
161024E21 x 500mgExpedite Vial (500mg)
161024E31 x 1gExpedite Vial (1g)
161024E41 x 2gExpedite Vial (2g)
161024E51 x 5gExpedite Vial (5g)
161024F11 x 250mgABI Vial (250mg)
161024F21 x 500mgABI Vial (500mg)
161024F31 x 1gABI Vial (1g)
161024F41 x 2gABI Vial (2g)
161024F51 x 5gABI Vial (5g)

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