Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate Meets EP/BP spec.

Product Specification

AppearanceWhite to almost-white solid
Identification APasses EP/BP test
Identification BPasses EP/BP test
Appearance of solutionSolution S is clear & colorless
Acidity or AlkalinityPasses EP/BP test
Assay (on dry basis)99.0-100.5%
Chloride (Cl)max. 0.03%
Arsenic (As)max. 0.0002%
Iron (Fe)max. 0.002%
Heavy metals (as Pb)max. 0.001%
Loss on drying (400°C)48.0-52.0%

Cat. n° 131903

Formula : MgO4S*7H2O
CAS : 10034-99-8
EC : 231-298-2

Standard pack

131903916 x 1kgHDPE (1kg)

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