N,N'-Disuccinimidyl carbonate Peptide synthesis

Main Properties

m.p188 - 191 °C

Product Specification

AppearanceWhite powder
Identity (H1NMR)H1 NMR Corresponds
Purity (HPLC)min. 95%
Solubility (5mmole/10ml DMF, >72h)Complete, clear

Cat. n° 049033

Synonym : N-Succinimidyl carbonate, DSC, Di(N-succinimidyl) carbonate
Formula : C9H8N2O7
CAS : 74124-79-1
EC : 277-730-3

Standard pack

049033526 x 5gHDPE (5g)
049033546 x 50gContainer (50g)

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