Deblock TCA 3% in Dichloromethane DNA synthesis

Deblock TCA 3% / DCM for automated DNA synthesis. This Deblock TCA 3% / DCM is conditioned for ABI instruments, Beckman instruments, Expedite instruments, AKTA Oligopilot or MerMade instruments.

Main Properties


Product Specification

AppearanceClear solution
TCA assay2.90-3.10%w/v
Water (KF)max. 0.005%w/w

Cat. n° 041324

UN : 2810

Standard pack

041324024 x 2.5lGlass Bottle 45 (2.5l)
041324044 x 4lGlass Bottle 32 (4l)
041324176 x 1lGlass Bottle 28 (900ml)
041324206 x 450ml16oz/28 (450ml)
041324336 x 200ml8oz/24 (200ml)
041324A26 x 200ml8oz/28 (200ml)
041324P41 x 28lPE/Met. Drum (28l)

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