Cap B2 DNA synthesis

Cap B2 for AKTA Oligopilot.


Please note that Cap B is subjected to reglementary restrictions. For further information, please contact us.


Main Properties


Product Specification

Identity (GC) - Part B2Complies
Color (APHA) - Part B2max. 15
Apperance - Part B2Clear solution
Lutidine - Part B259.5-60.5%
Acetonitrile - Part B239.5-40.5%
Water - Part B2max. 0.01%

Cat. n° 037524

UN : 1992

Standard pack

037524016 x 1LGlass Bottle 45 (1L)
037524024 x 2.5lGlass Bottle 45 (2.5l)
037524301 x 25lStainless Steel Drum (25l)
0375243B6 x 125/200mlGlasse Bottle 45 (125ml)
037524444 x 0.5/1lGlass Bottle 32 (500ml)
037524551 x 45lStainless Steel Drum (45l)
037524G56 x 500mlGlasse Bottle 45 (500ml)
037524K14 x 1.25/2.5lGlasse Bottle 45 (1.25l)

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