Citric acid 20% Pharmaceutical

Main Properties

M 210.15
D 1.08

Product Specification

AppearanceClear liquid
Appearance of SolutionPasses EP/BP test
Assay (T)19.5-20.5%w/v
C2H2O4 (Oxalic acid)max. 0.02%
Ca (Calcium)max. 0.01%
SO4 (Sulfate)max. 0.005%
Fe (Iron)max. 0.0005%
Cl (Chloride)max. 0.0005%
Heavy metals (as Pb)max. 0.0005%

Cat. n° 030030

Formula : C6H8O7.H2O
CAS : 5949-29-1
EC : 201-069-1

Standard pack

030030054 x 5lHDPE Jerrycan (5l)

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