Boric Acid Meets EP/BP spec.

Main Properties

m.p169 °C

Product Specification

Identification APasses EP/BP test
Identification BPasses EP/BP test
AppearanceWhite to almost white solid
Assay (T)99.5-100.5%w/w
Appearance of solutionPasses EP/BP test
Organic matterPasses EP/BP test
Solubility in AlcoholPasses EP/BP test
Heavy metals (as Pb)max. 0.0015%
Sulfate (SO4)max. 0.045%

Cat. n° 020103

Formula : H3BO3
CAS : 10043-35-3
EC : 233-139-2

Standard pack

020103916 x 1kgHDPE (1kg)

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